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The DipTube is our flagship invention that has been patented in various countries. It is a unique profiling device, designed and created as a solution for the petroleum industry.

This high quality product, which meets SABS approval, has a mechanical seal and locking ability. This ensures fuel cannot leak out once the DipTube is closed. It also comes in a durable casing for protection and easy storage.

Key benefits

The DipTube enables one to extract a most representative sample directly from a fuel tank easily and cost effectively and without interrupting the regular operation. Being able to draw samples while a fuel tank is in service means less downtime.

The DipTube accurately gauges the level of fuel in a tank. It is the most accurate tank dipping device in the market.

It enables one to examine the purity of the fuel in a fuel storage tank through visual inspection. It is easy to see if there is contamination in the tank and the quantity of contamination. It can also be used to check that the right quantity of fuel has been delivered and if the correct product has been received.


  • A minimum of 2 years.
  • Laser Engraving Technology ensures permanent labelling
  • Engraving is in bold and easy to read.
  • DipTubes are calibrated in centimetres and litres for easy self-conversion.
  • With millimetre increments, read results accurately to the last millimetre.
  • The DipTube is unaffected by weather conditions, and can be used in rain or peak sunshine.
  • Dip your tanks at any time of day or night.
  • No water-finding / dipping paste is required.
  • The DipTube not only detects water, but shows the exact level of water inside a tank.

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Who uses the DipTube?

Some of our valued clients who use the DipTube are:

What clients say about the DipTube

Unitrans Lesotho

Our site in Maseru (Lesotho) has been using the DipTube for the past four months and we have found it very effective in the following areas:

1. Accuracy

  • Since switching over to the DipTube, our inventory control has been spot on, it helps that it is calibrated to the last millilitre.
  • The manner in which this tool is calibrated is very effective, and ensures there are no discrepancies in our readings.

2. Tank characterisation

  • We are able to see on a daily basis that our tank and fuel is clean.

3. Operability

  • The tool is user friendly. The supplier conducted thorough training to all of our staff involved in the dipping. We all find it easy to use.
  • The staff has found it easy to see the reading because the markings on the tube are permanent. This solves the problem we previously had with the wooden stick.
  • The staff at HC Innovations was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product; their response time is impressive.

We are in favour of this product. Other sites will benefit from using the DipTube and therefore we recommend it.

Phil Henning
Unitrans Lesotho
1 September 2016

Shell Gelderblom’s Motors

HC Innovations was referred to me regarding the use of the DipTube by Mr Andre Cloete… projects and engineering consulting company for Shell South Africa. During the time we tested the DipTube, I served as the Vice-chairman of the Shell Retailers Association – Western Cape. I was part of the Shell Maintenance Team.

We agreed on a 31 day trial period, … concluded on 31 July 2015.

The data of the DipTube was compared to the data collected from the wooden dipsticks and the ATG system. We found the data from the DipTube to be very reliable and consistent. The trial was conducted during the rainy season in Western Cape, and there were days when we could not use the wooden stick, while we were able to use the DipTube under all weather conditions – which was very impressive.

We’ve been using the DipTube since July 2015, with great success at our site. … Its biggest value to us is that we can now see the quality of our fuel inside our tanks daily because by design the DipTube draws a sample when dipping for level. This is to check for contamination that may be present inside the tank.

Due to our pleasant experience with the DipTube, we have since purchased the DipTube for our other Shell Service Station in Wellington. Our attendants at both our service stations love the DipTube and think it makes their job easier and brings certainty to the daily data collection.

Anton Steyn
Owner: Shell Gelderblom’s Motors
17 November 2016

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